* When do you re-open and will trading hours change?

We will reopen when allowed in accordance with Government guidelines and will be staffed 24 hours a day as usual.

* What will be different at Platinum Fitness Centre?


During the shutdown we’ve carried out deep-cleaning and disinfecting of the entire gym, including all equipment and surfaces.



We’ve added additional hand sanitisers at the entry and increased the number of disinfecting equipment throughout the gym. You will also see staff members doing more regular cleaning



We’ve introduced social distancing signage and guidelines throughout the gym and checked for social safety measures to gym and Cardio equipment. (some equipment may not be available)



We ask that any member who has cold or flu symptoms to stay home until your feel better.

On entry everyone will be required to undertake a quick temperature check.

* Will I need to book to use the gym?

Yes. It’s essential to book before coming to the gym to ensure we can comply with Government regulations.

Booking will be online through our Clubware portal and you will have to ensure that your membership was up to date prior to the shutdown and that we have ALL your current email and other details.


Ensure you are registered and have a password so you can login and book your session. (Timetable will be active soon).





Email us at: with your name, telephone number, membership number and new email address.

* Will all the gym be available at the same time?

You will be able to book only one of three separate rooms in the gym at any one time.

Main Gym Floor, Upstairs Cardio Area or Ladies Only. You will not be allowed to move between the room booked.

This is to allow everyone time to use the facilities as much as possible and provide a safe training environment.


Some lockers and all showers will be closed. So please only bring the essentials.

* Will there be specific session start times for each area/room?

YES, and they will be strictly adhered to.

Main Gym – On the Hour, every hour

First Floor Cardio & Ladies Only Area – On the half Hour, every hour


Workout sessions will be limited to 45mins to allow time for staff to clean. Please don’t arrive more than 5 minutes before your booked time.

* What is there anything that the members can to do?


Please maintain 1.5 meters from your fellow members on the gym floor, and the lockers.  There will be signage throughout the gym and guidelines.



Please be Patient and Considerate as we’re all in this together, that way we can all enjoy our work out.  Our staff will be working hard and any harassment will not be tolerated.



We can’t stress enough how important this is for all of us. Bring a fresh towel every time you work out. Use the hand sanitiser provided, wash your hands with soap before and after your workout and ensure you wipe down all equipment after use. Gym workout clothing must be worn on the gym floor (no workwear will be allowed)



NO TOWEL = NO WORKOUT  (one may be purchased on entry)(subject to availability)



This policy will be strictly enforced upon entry into the gym – no exceptions.

* Do I need to re-activate my membership?

  1. All you have do is make sure your membership was up to date prior to shut down and all your details are correct. This will ensure you can book your gym session times when bookings commence.
  2. You MUST CARRY YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD AT ALL TIMES and swipe in on entry. If you have lost or misplaced the one issued when signed up, you may purchase a new one by calling prior to coming to the gym.
  3. To thank you for your loyalty, we will be giving members free entry for an interim period.

* Will casuals/walk-ins be able to access Platinum Fitness Centre

Not initially in the interim period during peak times. Only members will be able to book room sessions times.

Casuals may telephone for sessions between 11.00pm and 4.00am to check if there are available times and register on arrival (subject to attendance numbers), new fees apply